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Re: multiple amps/signals

HA!  Since I've been doing the looping thing, it seems as if I travel with 
band's worth of gear.  Usually that means moving it all myself and doing 
all the
set up myself too.  Usually load in and set up take 45 min to an hour.  I
should've become a harmonica player.


Nick Schillace wrote:

> However, knowing that the Repeater will have an
> >output for each loop channel (4) it makes it all moot.  I could use one
> >channel for
> >bass, two channels for stereo guitar, and one for synth, each finding 
> >own custom
> >preamp/amp/cab destination.  Sweet?  Boy howdy!
> >
> >Mark
> >
> >
> The funny thing is, I got into looping to make my life easier as a solo
> player. When I only played in bands, I could get all my gear to a gig in 
> small station wagon with room to spare, I also thought 3 pedals was
> excessive.
> N
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