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'gainator in quad ?

I'm using my 4 Againinators in quad ! Does anyone else do this ? Is it TRUE
quad? If I loop Tubular Bells it sounds awesome, so I'm guessing it's true
quad - anyone know different ?
I'm plugging straight from the Rich into a modded dimmer switch connected 
an early black face. From the blackie the signal is split to go though the
cable TV wall socket ( a trick Kaiser uses for his cut-ups, I heard ) then
an early Koss sweep notch filter wah ( the '78 model missing the sweep
filter notch wah - so I'm guessing it's just a box with two jacks.. )
( Bob Bradshaw ain't nothing on this one ) From there the signal goes into
the Sump filter Reverb-oil, then lastly to a rented 32 channel desk Stones
mobile truck recording ( now with modded Aux sends modded to PRE send ) and
finally out to the 4 'ginators, returned to the, to the. gotta go guys,
somethings burning somewhere !