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Re: NYC loopfest

Title: Re: NYC loopfest
Chashama on 42nd St is proving to be a good venue for
"this sort of thing".  Unity Gain is going up there on
July 17/18 (with at least two list members playing, myself
and David Lee Myers).  However, I do not know if they have a PA
permanently there...
Both places sound promising -- I'd like to come on the 17/18, let us know.

The Knitting Factory is a very civilized space and might well
let us book something.  I have vague contacts there

So do I, but you have to book months in advance.

A friend of mine, Kevin Centanni, is opening a bar/gallery
called the Remote Lounge:  <http://www.remotelounge.com/>

      Let us know after Tuesday.

I'd be willing to do some work to get this together; it would be great if I could split the work with one or two others, though.  Don't think it would be so hard -- I see this as more a chance for us NYC loopers to get to know each other in a comfortable space than a show we need to promote to get a big audience.