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Re: Another EDP BUG ??

>after investigating Andre's bug
>I found the following
>just hit Multiply > Insert > Undo with a loop running
>then any further presses of undo will give you
>a short loop (time between the Multiply and Insert presses?)
>selected unpredictably from the original loop.
>(or silence)
>...or pssssttttsssttststs  digital glitching
>each Undo moves you to a different part of the loop
>, but eventually the EDP gives up and produces nothing.
>click   ..of course these loopettes don't have crossfaded edges  ..click

now this really is a bug. The three functions in a row are too much. 
It works better in the upgrade but still is a problem.

>and the other  thing is that
>2 brothersynced and Midi-linked EDP's
>often respond differently when the bugs are encountered,
>even though they are processing the same Input.

this kind o problems is the reason why the upgrade is not out yet...


          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org