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Re: Eno's thoughts

It depends on your approach to music and technology. There are, (at least)
two approaches -
1    Explore a piece of kit, finding interesting features which then become
imbedded in your creative
2    Conceptualise a process and attempt to implement it using the 
you have, (or spend more
Most of my stuff falls into the latter category so I use Kyma whose
limitiations lie far beyond my
expertise but Kyma is addictive and endearing. I have likened Kyma to a
woman before, (and before anybody jumps down my throat, substitute your own
choice of partner here). I have a creative relationship
with Kyma that I personally find much more fulfilling than I ever had with
other gear and I've been involved
with music technology since well before MIDI was invented.
I'm not saying there's a right and wrong. In fact I'm saying there is no
right and wrong  -right?


> So Eno has discovered creeping featurism. I'm fighting with it at the
> moment myself. Not a bad idea to surround yourself with lots of stuff -
> but what happens then, and more importantly - how (or not).