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Re: the remote lounge


Tom Ritchford wrote:

> well, it's going to be a very cool space...
> there are 71 channels of video, clever proprietary consoles
> that let you choose between them or order drinks or broadcast
> your face...
> and there's a nice big downstairs area that will be, once they
> have the permits, a fantastic dance area or a performance
> area for small or medium-sized acts -- like loopers.
> However.  It's still a construction area.  The downstairs, who
> knows when they'll get that permit for it?
> I'll monitor it but if we want to book for September this space
> will be iffy...
> next:  Chashama...
>         /t
>                                   that was fast
> .......all legal games of chess 
> .....programmer's documentation