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Re: the remote lounge

> where?

where, which?

well, I'll tell you about both!

> Tom Ritchford wrote:
> > well, it's going to be a very cool space...

<http://www.remotelounge.com>, Bowery near 2nd St.

> > there are 71 channels of video, clever proprietary consoles
> > that let you choose between them or order drinks or broadcast
> > your face...
> >
> > and there's a nice big downstairs area that will be, once they
> > have the permits, a fantastic dance area or a performance
> > area for small or medium-sized acts -- like loopers.
> >
> > However.  It's still a construction area.  The downstairs, who
> > knows when they'll get that permit for it?
> >
> > I'll monitor it but if we want to book for September this space
> > will be iffy...
> >
> > next:  Chashama...

Chashama is 42nd St, near 6th Ave.  Haven't found out who
books it yet but at the very least, I'm playing there on the
17th and pretty well HAVE to find out!


perhaps man is water's way of getting 
from one place to another?