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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #398

Relax dude....I agree with Rick on the Jamman,  Jamperson politically 
correct moniker...  but I have purple hair so I don't know how much my 
counts.... I'd like a black or purple shirt.   Om and Out  Papa Dave

>John Tidwell wrote:
>"OK, I'm the 1st to admit that I'm a natural born fool
>& oft time asshole, but am I the only one who thinks
>it's a hoot that someone who is bothered by the name
>"JamMan" can make such casual assumptions about the
>"flesh tones" of the looping community?
>I remember when PC meant "Public Convenience".
>Ouch, touche!!!!    Actually, my tongue has been planted firmly in my 
>during this whole missive about PC things.  I actually feel rather
>oppressed by the whole phenomenan.  At the same time,  I've felt bad for 
>very few women (regrettably) on our list who have had to endure
>the "Jamman" moniker,
>Viz a vis, the flesh tone comments.  Assuming that you are black, brown
>or red skinned I am really sorry about my comments if they seemed
>insensitive or non-inclusive.  If you are, indeed, flesh colored, I'll
>assume you just couldn't resist a put down.  Too bad, I intended my 
>in the lightest and most humurous of ways.  Sorry you took it seriously.
>Rick Walker

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