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Re: PC 'JAMPERSON' conversion kit

To avoid such problems, the Againinator will ship neutered.  This also
makes them less likely to run away and howl all night.  However, they
end up taking up an extra rack space.

But seriously, I'm a lot more offended with the Peavey logo.  Yeech.
I've removed every nameplate from Peavey gear that I've owned.  Don't
even get me started with older ART gear.  Black electrical tape usually
does the trick.

p koniuto wrote:

> Rick:
> It's worth a bunch, actually, i think.
> Though i'd prefer a conversion kit that
> says "JamMama"...
> JamMamagrooves,
> peter
> >For what it's worth,  I was annoyed by the unconcious sexism
> of Lexicon
> >calling their looper the "JAMMAN"  so as a joke I printed up
> the logo
> >"JAMPERSON" in the exact lettering of the unit and printed up
> a bunch.
> >
> >This is both a righting of a wrong to me and, at the same time,
> a
> >gentle poking of fun at the PC (Politically Correct) culture
> that we live
> >in.
> >
> >If anyone wants a "conversion" kit I can either e-mail you the
> pagemaker
> >document or a physical printing of the logos for the price of
> "passing it
> >on"
> >
> >yours, Rick (loop.pool)
> >
> >