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Re: T-shirt request

Hi Gang....
All of this input about t-shirts is sure interesting, and it sounds like 
everyone is really trying to indulge the wishes of all others on the list! 
That alone is pretty damn cool.....I guess we loopers are a breed apart 
only the rest of world could communicate and listen as much).
As for my own wish....gosh, it would just be too cool to have a Looper's 
Delight t-shirt of (almost) any color or design.  After all is said and 
done, sign me up for a few!!
and...by the way, thanks to all LDers who came out to the shows of the 
Bass Looping Tour.  It was nice to be able to put a face to some of these 
posts, and the show of support was warm and welcome (as loopers, one and 
all, we should get and support or fellow loopers as much as 
possible!)....and thanks Kim for coming to the Berkeley show; a pleasure 
finally meet you.
Max Valentino

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