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Burning Man (was: battery powered setup (for the playa))

   So who all is headed out to the playa this year?  I'll be in Videogasm
so stop on by.

   Re: battery setup, for the '98 Burn we built an "Alien Karaoke", 4
speaker, two channel sound with strobes,
black lites and xmas lites.  Two truck batteries provided all the juice we
needed for a few hours of use and this
thing is *loud*!  I got a used 4 ch car amp on Ebay for $40, it cranked
30W/ch into two 5 1/4" and two 8"
speakers.  The whole thing is based on a toy wagon with built up sides, so
it's fully mobile.  I built a small 12V
preamp with a generic op-amp circuit.  The preamp has two stereo inputs and
one mic input.  I usually use
premade CD's or tapes, but can improvise live with a Korg Pandora and a
sampling keyboard.