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Re: Basic intro (OT)

>caliban@darklock.com writes:
>>I tend to think it's more of a generation gap. Each generation of
>>technology provides simpler ways to make music. The previous generation,
>>being jealous, claims the music isn't "real".

I have to agree with David.  I took a 10 year break in school after a year 
The Institute of Audio Research, and returned to find that I was by far the
most technologicaly advanced student in the school.  No doubt in my mind.
Sure, it was Syracuse University, but it was chock full with downstaters 
people from suburban NJ and Conneticut.  There were a few others doing
electronic music, but if they were any representation of "your 
generation," it
would seem to me that the "kids" are not embracing the new technology.  Is
that totally true?  Of course not.  I'm sure there are pleanty of people at
all ages using technology and ignoring it.  I know that I would not have 
the cash for this gear when I was in highschool.  (btw, turntables, 
they seem new, have been around for a while ;^0) One of the weird things is
that most of the people I meet, who are into  undergound or progressive 
tend to be 30 and up.  An 18 year old S.U. student that used to tease me 
my age (I'm 36) came to me one day and announced that she found out that I 
the same age as her music hero Trent Reznor.  <nelson> ha ha </nelson>

Since Syracuse, I moved to the SF Bay area and worked in the digital media 
for The San Francisco Art Institute, one of the best art schools in the 
and I found the exact same thing there.  I bit more students seemed to be
comfortable in using computer technology in the visual and aural arts, but 
a whole lot.  In my private life, it seems like most of the people doing 
based music that I know are in "my" generation (smash guitar)

Now pipe down or I'll wack you with my cane!

Mark Sottilaro (36)

hey, let's take a looper's age poll!