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Re: Basic intro (OT)

i'm not dt, and i don't play one on tv.
i'm sure he's capable of defending himself, but i had to step in here.

i think you are getting unnecessarily defensive.

>Okay, now that you've said "you're wrong and you're stupid",

while i do think he implied that you were wrong, he did not say you are
in fact, he implied that your previous posts were more intelligent:
"...that seems misaligned w/the previous expressions of yer
verbal/intellectual faculties..."
if you think someone is stupid because they are wrong, then you are,...
well... wrong.
i bring this up because i often am accused of calling people stupid when i
done no such thing.

> perhaps you
> could tell me exactly which set of blanket statements you have a problem
> with...

blanket statement #1:
>"Each generation of technology provides simpler ways to make music"
is anything simpler than whacking two sticks together.
maybe singing?

blanket statement #2:
>"The previous generation, being jealous..."
the previous generation of technology is jealous?
older people are jealous of younger people?
users of older technology are jealous?
anyway you slice it, a blanket statement...

blanket statement #3:
"...claims the music isn't "real". "
a whole generation of people (or users, or technology) can't make any 

please don't take this as an attack.
i am enjoying your posts...