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Re: Basic intro (OT)

Tim Nelson wrote:

> At 12:05 PM 8/16/01 -0700, you wrote:
> >>>>>The previous generation,
> >>>>being jealous, claims the music isn't "real".
> >[...]
> >Dammit, each generation OF TECHNOLOGY. Not of *people*. Gaaggh.
> The first time I read your post I understood it correctly the way you 
> it, but then that line (subject: 'previous generation', adjective:
> 'jealous', verb: 'claims') threw me and I second-guessed myself. I wasn't
> aware that inanimate technology could be emotional or speak for itself.
> 'Previous' implies a chronological sequence, and I think that, along with
> your anthropomorphic characterization of musical equipment might be where
> we're getting those connotations of old luddite geezers vs. 
> with their caps on sideways.
> I also think you've made somewhat of a sweeping generalization, although 
> do agree with where you went with it when you pointed out the
> futility/impossibility of trying to please everyone. I also concur almost
> entirely with your opinion of the state of copyright ownership transfer. 
> makes me wonder what John Lennon and Nick Drake would think of having 
> made posthumous spokesmen for sneakers and volkswagens.
> -t

didn't john wear sneaks with a suit to some big celeb event once? better 
a hundred billboards...

and come to think of it, didn't nick drive a bug?