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Re: Basic into (TO)

Tim Nelson wrote:
>What got me into looping in the first place was a
>series of musique concrete pieces I did about 20 years ago. (Hear one at
>html>, track #9).

I listened to both your cuts from this page (actually, I'm listening to
the second, hidden one right now)
and they are just what I like.

However, one of the cuts is in fact hidden... tracks 1 and 9 seem to 
link to the
same piece, <http://www.music.columbia.edu/~cecenter/mhl21/ct/TIMNEL~1.MP3>

and you have to guess to get to the secret second piece!
but it's worth the hunt.

Still, you should get the webmaster to fix it -- I think the second
piece is stronger and more modern sounding, too...


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