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Re: Basic into (TO)

At 01:09 AM 8/17/01 -0400, Tom R wrote:
>I listened to both your cuts from this page (actually, I'm listening to
>the second, hidden one right now) and they are just what I like.

Thanks! They're pretty atypical of what I normally do, but on CT-Project
releases we assign ourselves themes designed to push the envelope of our
regular routine, and the theme of that particular compilation was to use
ONLY found material. On the first track,
<http://www.music.columbia.edu/~cecenter/mhl21/ct/TIMNEL~1.MP3> I limited
myself to sampling only from an old public domain recording of Beethoven's
Fifth, but approached the end result microtonaly. I really like Ligeti, if
you hadn't guessed...

The reason I brought these pieces up in my discussion with Caliban is that
they're both constructed ENTIRELY of samples, but the samples are nothing
you'd recognise. I also have a track up at 
that is built entirely of sounds sampled from a bicycle. I thought I was
being really original, but another guy on the project, Todd Madson, used a
bike for his too! 
>However, one of the cuts is in fact hidden... tracks 1 and 9 seem to 
>link to the same piece, and you have to guess to get to the secret second
>piece! <http://www.music.columbia.edu/~cecenter/mhl21/ct/TIMNEL~2.MP3>
>Still, you should get the webmaster to fix it ...

Morgan? Are you there?

We've discovered that the links to several tracks on
<http:///www.loopxchange.com> go to the wrong places. I'm still bound by a
slow modem, but I'll be switching to cable on the 30th! Hooray!
>but it's worth the hunt.

I'm glad you like it. You might be interested in another project that LD
listmembers participated on at
<http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/58/source_product_compilation.html> which
is a 2 CD concept piece on which the participants each submitted a few
minutes of source material (both original and found) for a sample pool
(Disc 1, 'Source') which we then used to construct our tracks for Disc 2
('Product'). It's Matt Davignon's baby, and it should be out on CD pretty
soon, but can be downloaded now!