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Re: Repeater frenzy

i know you are just having some fun and that's cool. frankly, i think electrix handled this whole repeater thing badly. they still are. recall that the original release date was set for sometime around september 2000! i can't think of many other music equipment companies that have had the same kind of delays and lack of information on those delays (no pun intended) that electrix has had.

the problem becomes serious when people put deposits on Repeaters because they were told they would be in stock in a week or so - back during all those months when Electrix was leaking that they were going to ship.

Frankly I think they should have done what any other mature equipment company does and not say anything about anything until they actually have something to ship. Otherwise unrequited consumer expectations can result in negative opinions of the company. This may affect sales.

I can tell you I am almost at my wits end over this whole Repeater thing and if I don't see mine soon I will be buying a brand new Echoplex. And it's not gear-lust or whatever you guys were talking about - this is about a tool I need to do my work and that I was told would be in hand in March (then in June, then July, then August and now we are heading into September).

Elexctrix, despite being a division of IVL, are clearly amateurs when it comes to releasing product. Makes me wonder about the longevity of the company.

brett maraldo

At 03:20 PM 8/22/2001, you wrote:

blood's on the water.

this is too cool - -  first all the turmoil over the delay in manufacturing, now the turmoil of "when does it hit the stores?"

i think there oughta be a 12-step program for all the equipment junkies on this list (and i'm one too!).

good luck to all who are waiting for one!