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Re: Repeater frenzy

Title: Re: Repeater frenzy
At 3:32 PM -0400 8/22/01, Brett Maraldo wrote:
i know you are just having some fun and that's cool. frankly, i think electrix handled this whole repeater thing badly. they still are. recall that the original release date was set for sometime around september 2000! i can't think of many other music equipment companies that have had the same kind of delays and lack of information on those delays (no pun intended) that electrix has had.

You obviously weren't waiting for the sampler option for the K2000 or the Event EZ-Bus (to name two). Same sort of deal. I've worked in big and small companies, and I've seen good and bad project management in both sizes. Project management on complicated tech products can be sort of a black art. The pressures to get things out can be fairly overwhelming, leading even fairly experienced programmers to err on the optimistic side.

I came back from winter NAMM in Januarary after getting a Repeater demo thinking:
a - this is a really cool product
b - summer at the earliest
c - I really want one
Well, it's still a really cool product, they actually hit summer, I still really want one.

Smallish under-resourced companies should be cut some slack, IMO. There are VERY few big companies in the Music Instrument market; it's mostly done out of a driving passion to make a great thing.


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