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Re: purpose of "Feedback" (was RE: repeater question)

> feedback capabilities.  Although it looks like I'll still need to keep my
> multi looper set up (presently 2 DL4s, RDS8000, Vortex) the "Repeater"

> "Feedback" is basically the fade level of previous layers in a digital
> looper.  Control of this level lets you either freeze a loop (100%

Which brings me to a question that I've had about the Line 6 DL4 that I
haven't seen a definitive answer on yet...

Can you adjust the feedback/regeneration on that unit?
If so, can you truly set it to 100%, ie, no fading of the loop?

I've heard varying opinions, but none from someone with specific looping
experience with them.  Appreciate any feedback (pun intended!)