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OT. Help with simple midi prob???

Sorry for being Off topic, I should really join some midi music list for
this Q, but I know many of you guys are well into this stuff so...HELP???

NO computer in my setup, just hardware. I just got a Korg MS2000R for
sequencing simple background pads and basslines AND (a bit on topic)
processing (Via its audio in) my guitar loops etc. And I'm very happy with
it. BUT...

When I plug the midi out from my drum machine ( a cheap Boss DrGroove202
thang) into midi IN on the MS2000 and send it a simple sequence (the boss
has a little external sequencer built in) the synth is (a tiny bit) late,
late enough to be awful tho! I am sure I have everything set up right. Same
midi channel, Synch INTERNAL on drummachine Synch EXTERNAL on synth. And it
DOES play and at the correct tempo. BUT  LATE!!!!

This is so annoying cos its about the simplest midi setup possible. Its not
that I have too much midi stuff going on... (Well there is one more thing
in the chain, a Roland GR30, but thats AFTER the synth (via synth THRU
port) and thats in time)

Anyone????? Help????

Mark Red