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Re: repeater question

kim also said:
>The echoplex does it's feedback digitally anyway, so there are a lot less
>artefacts developed as the loop fades away than in older delays. (I guess
>that is what you are referring to.)  In the older delays the feedback path
>would be done in analog, even when the delay line was digital. Every pass
>went through the AD/DA convertors, and through some analog gain circuits
>for the feedback. So you would pick up a lot of noise and junk with each
>successive pass. That's probably interesting if sound textures are what
>you do, but really annoying if rely on loops to be a more perfect 
>of what you put into them.
and if one wants to explore (at least) *both* of those musical 
well then.....
thisall reminds me of why it's so nice to have the opportunity to utilise 
more than one type/brand of looper ---and why it's so great that there're 
more manufactured loop-devices available to choose from!--- as none of 
is built to be as multi-directional as one might like, which is probably 
it should be (like any other instrument), each of them offering their own 
perspective (& that of their designers).....