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Re: Repeater Frenzy

hey all you loopheads,

back in the saddle for a short time...did you miss me?  hmmm...didn't 
think so. haha :)

after browsing the archives, i must say that being off list for a 
period of time has calmed the gear-junkie nerves a bit... then that 
darn email came from electrix saying the againinator...oops, repeater 
had shipped.

lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

Just wanted to give props to Rick Walker for starting the great 
thread on reverberant spaces... makes one want to take a VERY long 
vacation and go check out these wonderful spaces!

another spot:  In Long Beach, CA, there is a company called Gondola 
Getaway, which has real italian gondolas they trek folks around in 
amongst the water channels in the Naples area.  There are several 
bridges crossing over the channels, and my wife and i were treated 
several times to the gondolier slowing down to a stop just under the 
bridge, grabbing his acoustic guitar and playing for a short time. 
wonderful acoustics in a beautiful, peaceful environment.  very 

also, my wife teaches part time at the PE dept. at LA City College. 
She has a class very early on saturday mornings and the empty 
gymnasium in the women's PE building has an absolutely HUGE slapback 
reverb.  It just drips of 'sun records era vocals'...all ya gotta do 
is just clap your hands and you can almost hear jerry lee or elvis 
doing their thang.

thanks for a cool thread.