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Another Repeater MIDI Controller

Diligent readers of the list know that d/t is using a Peavey PC1600x to
control his Repeater (and likely other nifty stuff as well). I'm in the
market for something to control the Repeater as well as my Kurzweil K2600RS
rack mount synth. Just today there was another post on the Kurzweil list
about this controller: the Bitstream Pro from Wave Idea
(http://www.waveidea.com/english/index.htm). This actually looks to be a
more fully featured controller than the Peavey - it is fully programmable
and has 35 knobs, 8 sliders, 8 switches, 3 built-in user setups, assignable
crossfaders, backlit LCD - heck, it's even got a built-in programmable LFO!
Delivered with Windows 9x/2K configuration software, any MIDI event or
message can be assigned to each potentiometer, switch, and LFO. As soon as
the unit has been configured, the controller can be used in standalone mode
without the PC.

Looks great, but I'm wondering... has anyone ever heard of this box? Anyone
used one or have any comments on it?