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Re: Repeater and the CFC

 ha hahahhahhaha! Screw you!  I'm just going to put my card in the right 
and mount the repeater upside down!  Ha ha ha I'm drunk with power!

jim palmer wrote:

> fs: electrix classic/retro "inverted" cfc card.
> this is the amazing, much sought after card to
> get that authentic dt sound. way better than the
> so-called "re-issue" cfc card.
> $900 obo.
> From: "Damon Langlois (Electrix)" <Damon@electrixpro.com>
> > Hey loopers,
> >  I have just learned that the first 100 or so Repeaters may have 
> > with CFC cards that had the Electrix sticker on the wrong side....
> >...
> >... You are also very lucky because you now have a rare
> > collectors item.
> >