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Repeater and EDP (d/t)

Well, I must be really lucky! I have a Repeater and an EDP! And... I have
one of the Repeaters with the upside down CFC card... ok, if I ever sell 
you guys are witnesses... it's one of the first 100! (Gosh, I had no idea
Alto Music was so high on the food chain!)

Anyway, after a little experimentation, I'm just wondering, d/t, surely you
have the EDP in the signal chain after the Repeater right? That's the way
that offers the most possibilities, or at least, so it seems to me. If
you're doing something different, then we definitely all need to know what
it is!


P.S. To my compadre, who also got one of the first 100... lighten up! Pop
the card out and flip it over. Relax. Have fun. Enjoy life.