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Re: Repeater and EDP (d/t)

Pardon my non-dt commentary...

> Anyway, after a little experimentation, I'm just wondering, d/t, surely 
> have the EDP in the signal chain after the Repeater right? That's the way
> that offers the most possibilities, or at least, so it seems to me. 


I don't have a repeater, but my presumption is that the natural signal
chain would be to have the EDP BEFORE the Repeater.  Why?

Repeater works in stereo, with different pan and output for each
individual track.  If you send that into an EDP, everything gets summed
to mono and output as the same, and the possibilities for discrete
signal routing are lost.

The whole issue of simultaneous, discreet loops, with individual editing
tweakability, seems to be at the core of the Repeater's design
"identity," just as I would suggest that the idea of
editing/cutting-and-pasting a loop "cycle" is one of the signature
traits of an EDP.  It would seem to me that running the Repeater into a
mono in/out unit (such as an EDP) would be sacrificing a lot of its
strong points...  but of course that's just hypothetical speculation on
my part.

I do seem to recall Mr. Torn saying that his EDP was indeed before the
Repeater, but I'll certainly defer to the man himself on that one.

It is really interesting to see that the emerging consensus is largely
of the Repeater as an alternate looper with a new and different design
slant, as opposed to something that utterly and completely supplants the
previously existing units.  Considering that the EDP dates back seven
years or so, that's saying a lot...