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Re: artifacts

i do similar things with a boss dd-5, and then run it
into the rang. i've come up with some bad ass rythm
loops just by running a long delay (which is 2 secs on
the dd-5) w/feedback at 100%, layering it up, and then
just destroying it by tweaking the delay time. then
add some more layers, and continue tweaking. the
purpose is random and scary rythm loops. i'll also
unplug the guitar and scrape the end of the chord
around on my head, picking up the bristly sounds of a
buzz cut. then i tweak the delay time until it's a
super cool rythm pattern. i often use very short delay
times for this, getting kind of a ring mod effect.

take care,


g-girl wrote:

>   Well, OK, one thing I like to do with the DL-4 is
> to record a short loop
> with the shorter delay in loop mode before actually
> engaging the longer
> loop function.  then, once I've got that going, I'll
> turn the delay time
> knob all the way to one end, than the other, and
> then settle at the longest
> setting, which gives a really wild somewhat random
> rhythmically undulating
> noise which works incredibly wonderfullly for a beat
> to play and loop over.
>  The original tones are all but gone and they're
> replaced with their
> artifact-ridden ghosts.  It can be pretty
> amazing!...  
>   I'll then engage the loop function to record
> what's playing, and then
> once that's done, eliminate the first delay, and
> continue adding layers or
> textures over the basic rhythm.    
> Smiles,
> G-Girl

"Compassion is the sometimes fatal capacity for feeling what
it's like to live inside somebody else's skin.
 It is the knowledge that there can never really be any
peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally 
for you too." 
                                   -Frederick Buechner
"The jewel is in the lotus."

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