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RE: more RepeaTer 1st impressions

>- no way to go direct from initial record pass immediately into > overdub:
>this prevents you from laying down an initial loop w/ sound which > 
>through the endpoint.

>....OUCH! am i reading this correctly? so only 'bounded' loops are
>i.e. silence at startpoint, silence at endpoint? this would be a major 
>limitation. almost cannot believe this is true - this is a looping 
>not a sampler, right?

No! not at all. What's being described is the ability to just define the
loop length but continue to overdub without having to ever leave record.
This is very handy for creating smooth drones etc. In some cases you might
only have one bar of source material available and you want to loop it with
a reverb or delay on it. In this case (if you couldn't just play the source
for two bars and record the last bar) you would have to record it once dry
and then use resample to record in the reverb tail or delay into the loop. 


Damon Langlois
Creative Director
Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100

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