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Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

jim palmer (11:55 AM 08.29.2001) wrote:

 >i suggest we need the option of mute, no mute and 'smart' mute
 >where the input is muted except when recording or overdubbing.

But, with Repeater in the effects sends, this would still cause feedback 
issues when recording.

Having the option to run this way would be nice though.

 >this is how the multitrack decks i've worked with handled this.
 >(they all referred to it as 'input monitor' not 'input mute')

The reason this method works on a deck is that you usually don't have the 
outputs of the deck feeding back into a live (unmuted) console channel or 
return. They're heading straight out into the mains through an insert or 
a subgroup that's isolated from the sends feeding the deck.