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RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?


I am not understanding what you are referring to as causing feedback
issues?  Isn't the aux return bus summed with the main outs on most
mixers?  I have a Mackie 1202 VLZ that I use.  Granted, if the return is
coming back to a channel then that channel would in turn begin the
endless loop into feedback, but I always thought the aux bus returned to
the main mix, after inserts and effects so as to not add more effects to
the effects.  Am I wrong, or maybe misunderstanding what your definition
is?  I certainly don't want to set up my routing incorrectly.


> jim palmer (11:55 AM 08.29.2001) wrote:
>  >i suggest we need the option of mute, no mute and 'smart' 
> mute  >where the input is muted except when recording or overdubbing.
> But, with Repeater in the effects sends, this would still 
> cause feedback 
> issues when recording.
> Having the option to run this way would be nice though.
>  >this is how the multitrack decks i've worked with handled 
> this.  >(they all referred to it as 'input monitor' not 'input mute')
> The reason this method works on a deck is that you usually 
> don't have the 
> outputs of the deck feeding back into a live (unmuted) 
> console channel or 
> return. They're heading straight out into the mains through 
> an insert or to 
> a subgroup that's isolated from the sends feeding the deck.
> Mark