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Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

> My only major disappointment is that you can't edit WAV files on your
mac or
> PC and then drop them on the card and have the repeater discover them.  I
> was hoping that it would be the case.  I haven't tried recording a
loop and
> then editing on the PC and putting it back on the card, but I'm hoping
> would work (will it?). MAJOR REQUEST: It'd be most excellent if Electrix
> would publish their proprietary file formats so that one of us could
write a
> program to publish pre-recorded loops onto the memory card.  I'm
hoping that
> Electrix is already planning this program (their developers must have 
> one while working on the box), but if not, I'd gladly write it.

Now, I got the impression from reading the manual that
this could be done, that the unit reads standard .WAV
files.  You need to name them according to the simple
convention set out in the manual but then the unit
recognizes them...

Hmm.  My new look at the newer manual gets me to page 32...
which talks about the proprietary LDF and TDF files.

Hmm. Well.  An interesting question...

Certainly, it looks as if you can record on the unit
and then edit in your PC.  What happens if there
is no .ldf/.tdf combo??



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