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Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

On 8/29/01 2:14 PM, "Kevin Goldsmith" <kevin@unitcircle.com> wrote:

>>> OTHER MAJOR REQUEST: I was hoping that I could Re-Sample One Loop to
>>> another.  This would be a great feature.  I'd rather ReSample a 
>>> Loop to a new loop than replace 2 of the channels on my existing loop.
>> This
>>> should be pretty easy to fix in an upgrade.
>> You could copy the loop to a new location and then resample it.
> This is a reasonable workaround, but it'd still be nice if it could be a 
> step process in a future OS version.
>   Kevin
When I was getting lunch, I realized a good reason for this feature.
Currently the Repeater acts as a spiffy digital 4-track recorder.  If I
could resample to a new loop, I could build up a 4 track loop, resample it
to the next loop and then switch to that next loop when it was done.  Then 
could add my next two tracks to that loop easily and repeat the process.
This would allow me smoothly to turn the Repeater into a N-track
recorder/looper.  Of course, I don't remember if Copy stops playing the
current loop.  If not, I can still do this using the workaround.

Unit Circle Media