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Re: SimpleTech 128mb formatting

hutton (03:42 PM 08.29.2001) wrote:

 >You mean activate the Repeater? ........... You have not been following my
 >posts from the beginning, have you Mark? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I requested
 >assistance Mark!

Sure I've been reading Chris...

Somewhere in here you started the thread about the label being on the 
side of the card that came with the machine. In that midst, you had also 
mentioned in reply to someone else that nothing would happen to the card 
it was inserted upside down, "it just won't format" is what I think you 

So, my question to you about having the SimpleTech card in upside down is 
in relation to that.

If you did happen to get a CFC card in upside down, and then powered up 
Repeater, that's going to apply power to pins on the card that aren't 
expecting them.

No telling what could happen. I don't have pin-outs handy to check and see 
if the inverse of the power pins are connected.