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Re: SimpleTech 128mb formatting

What in the heck are saying ,,,,,,,,, It is clear what you said ....... 
Why the
backpedaling .... I will light a candle for you this evening ........ Good 
to you.
Peace ....... Chris Hutton ........ I am sorry if I have some way 
irritated you.

Mark Pullover wrote:

> hutton (03:42 PM 08.29.2001) wrote:
>  >You mean activate the Repeater? ........... You have not been 
>following my
>  >posts from the beginning, have you Mark? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I requested
>  >assistance Mark!
> Sure I've been reading Chris...
> Somewhere in here you started the thread about the label being on the 
> side of the card that came with the machine. In that midst, you had also
> mentioned in reply to someone else that nothing would happen to the card 
> it was inserted upside down, "it just won't format" is what I think you 
> So, my question to you about having the SimpleTech card in upside down is
> in relation to that.
> If you did happen to get a CFC card in upside down, and then powered up 
> Repeater, that's going to apply power to pins on the card that aren't
> expecting them.
> No telling what could happen. I don't have pin-outs handy to check and 
> if the inverse of the power pins are connected.
> Mark