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mo' EDP Tutorial, pleas! (re: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

andy butler (SoundFNR@aol.com) said:

> The EDP allows you to change your loop length at any time you want, to 
> length you want, and still keep the loop running. It does this without 
> producing glitches in the audio.
> It allows you to pick out a small section of of a larger loop, loop it, 
> anything you want with it, then if you like you can go back to the 
> loop.

Andy, Kim, et al.: HOW IS THAT DONE?  How would the appropiate
parameters be set to accomplish that? I like the EDP manual, but it
seems more to show available tricks when "AT the parameter settings,"
rather than "to do such and such, go to this parameter and set thusly."


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