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Re: mo' EDP Tutorial, pleas! (re: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

Hi David,

DaViD AuKeR wrote:

> > It allows you to pick out a small section of of a larger loop, loop 
>it, do
> > anything you want with it, then if you like you can go back to the 
> > loop.
> >
> Andy, Kim, et al.: HOW IS THAT DONE?  How would the appropiate
> parameters be set to accomplish that?

1) Set Quantize to OFF

2) At the precise point in the original loop that you want to extract a
new smaller section from, press "Multiply."

3) At the precise point that you want the new, smaller section to end,
press "Record."  (Do NOT end this function with "Multiply" a second time.)

You should now have a new, shorter loop.

If you want to go back to the original loop, you could use UNDO,
although it's possible that you could use up too much memory in
subsequent operations to be able to return completely to the original loop.

One way to avoid this would be to use multiple loops: before you extract
the shorter loop (in the three-step example above), copy the original
loop to a new loop location.  Then perform the edits on the copied loop.
 If you want to go back to the original loop, it's already stored in  a
seperate location.

Hope that helps,