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Re: Bob Sellon's Jamman stereo multitrack upgrade

Hello all,

Bob is still in the JamMan update "business" as such, even though he no
longer works
at Lexicon. Here are 2 links to check out.



I loop with an Echoplex, a JamMan with Bob's special ROM and on next
Tuesday from Alto music, I'll get a Repeater.  You can never have too many
looping devices, I say.  Other than the Repeater, which I haven't used yet,
I like both the Plex and updated JamMan even though they are different.
All of the features of the ROM update are addressable via MIDI.  To really
conveniently access all of the functionality of Bob's special ROM, you
MUST!!! have a MIDI controller.  I use a PMC-10.  The design of the updated
JamMan (4 tracks available simultaneously in each loop) is similar to the
looping architecture of the Repeater but the JamMan still only has a total
of 32 sec available for loops.  There is no "stereo" as such in the "new"
JamMan but each loop is pannable with volume control.  The coolest thing in
Bob's new ROM is that you can go back and forth from delay mode with
feedback to loop mode via footswitch.
After I get the Repeater I'll try and post my impressions.


>There were only a few prototypes upgrades to the Jamman, it was never a
>commercial product.  For a while the manual for the upgrade was online, 
>I believe it too has disappeared.  There are archives in Looper's Delight
>that explain what it was all about.