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Re: Best Repeater Deals

I was offered a rack module from a retail store via mail order at a 
price that beat everyone else. I called the manufacturer to ask about 
back order status and they asked me how much I was paying. I told 
them and they *really* wanted to know who i was buying it from. I 
declined to tell them and they said, "we'll find out... you just be 
sure of that." - they were not happy that someone was selling their 
product so cheaply.


>Tim Nelson (06:16 PM 08.31.2001) wrote:
>>At 05:27 PM 8/31/01 -0700, TG wrote:
>>>If anyone finds a cheaper price, be sure to post it!
>>Wasn't there some sort of, um, unwritten etiquette thing about not 
>>the prices on group buys/special discounts?
>Yeup, on this list or not, it is generally a bad idea to disclose 
>any form of special pricing.
>Most manufacturers will have a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) rule 
>in place which basically sets the lowest price that a dealer can 
>advertise. This is to help protect the smaller dealers than may not 
>be able to buy in quantities great enough to get a better price 
>A smaller store may be granted one-time special pricing in order to 
>help promote a specific item and get it's feet off the ground. That 
>pricing can often be the same that a large _distributor_ might buy 
>the product at. If that pricing gets out, then it tends to cause a 
>good deal of friction between the larger stores and the manufacturer 
>(not to mention the distributor and the manufacturer) since they 
>would have had to normally buy huge quantities to get the same price 
>Special pricing happens all the time in all sorts of business. In 
>the music business, you saw it for a long time with Mackie products 
>where dealers wouldn't print _any_ price at all, and ask you to call 
>or come in to get it.
>When public notice is made about a dealer selling at a very low 
>price on a special deal, it will tend to kill the deal for the 
>When you see a dealer asking you to NOT mention a price on a list 
>like this, it's best to heed to his wishes or everyone may lose.