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Re: Foot pedal for Repeater (or anything for that matter)

At 12:08 PM 8/31/2001, Greg S wrote:
> > However, I wonder if
> > manufacturing a full-featured MIDI pedal like the PMC-10 would be worth
> > Electrix's while.
>Just imagine the simplest MIDI foot pedal that used the same CFC 
>as the Repeater.
>- Pop the CFC into your USB reader
>- Edit the MIDI strings the way you like via simple PC/Mac program
>- Pop the CFC back into your footboard
>- away you go.

couldn't you just put a USB port on the pedal and save yourself a few 
steps? (and a few dollars too...)

using midi in/out to program the pedal isn't bad, if there is an 
editor/librarian for it. It isn't much data so download times are short. 
You just have to remember that the pedal needs Midi IN! A lot of midi 
pedals only have midi out for some reason, and therefore have cut 
themselves off from any possibility of saving and reloading presets. (the 
ground control for example...)


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