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Re: Bob Sellon's Jamman stereo multitrack upgrade

Hey Mark-

Have you heard of Looper's Delight? It's this web site with tons of info 
about loopers. There is all kinds of stuff there, you'll be amazed! Check 
it out, there is a whole section on the Bob Sellon upgrade, with all the 
list discussion about it collected in one place!



At 12:10 PM 8/31/2001, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>"Bob Sellon's Jamman stereo multitrack upgrade" ????? what what what?  I 
>do an upgrade that allowed me to synch to midi sequences that were in 5/4 
>7/4, but stereo multitrack?  Where can I get more info?
>Mark Sottilaro
>kevin cooney wrote:
> > Kim wrote:
> >
> > > actually the thing people have asked for for years is multiple 
>tracks of
> > > **different lengths**, which Repeater doesn't do. Bob Sellon's 
> > > jamman upgrade does that...
> >
> > > So I would say "evolutionary" perhaps. Revolutionary, no.
> >
> > Kim's right.  Bob Sellon's Jamman stereo multitrack upgrade is a 
> > different take on looping and it's such a shame that Lexicon never saw 
> > to license the product.  Now that the Repeater is out, maybe he should 
> > again.  Are you listening, Lexicon?
> >
> > Best,
> > Kevin C.

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