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Re: Using a Looper with a mixer

>At 7:22 PM -0500 9/1/01, M. Steven Ginn wrote:
>>If I connect a Looper to my mixer should I connect it or my other
>>effects to aux send 1 or 2?

Unless your two sends have different features, it makes no difference which
one you put your looper on. However, some mixers (such as some of the
Soundcraft/Spirit models) only offer you the choice of pre- or post-fader
send on aux 1 so if you want to have signal reaching your looper
irrespective of your instrument's channel fader position, be sure to choose
the aux with that option.

> Should it pre or post?

Are you talking about a pre- or post-fader send or are you asking whether
your looper should come before or after the effects in your signal chain?
In either case, it all depends on what you want to do with it. Using the
send offers you the advantage of routing any channel (or the processor on
the other aux) to the looper.

>Or should I try and
>>connect all my effects in series beginning after the main outs from the
>>mixer without using the aux bus?

Probably not. A question you have to ask yourself is "Do I want an effected
signal hitting the looper, or would I prefer to use the effect to process
the loop?" Either way is valid, and a lot of people have stuff both
upstream AND downstream from the looper for added versatility. 

There are many ways to assemble a system, and it's probably best to try out
as many combinations for yourself so you'll know when you come upon the one
that best suits your needs. Other questions that would factor into your
ideal setup would include:
- Do you primarily play one instrument, or do you have several independent
voices meeting at the mixer? (Multiple synths, for example...)
-Are you using a separate amplifier for your non-effected signal, or is the
mixer your sole source? (This involves the pre/post fader question)
-Do you want to be able to change an effect setting without changing the
sound of a loop that's already playing? Conversely, do you want to be able
to post-process a loop?
-Is your looper coming back to its own channel or to the aux return?
-Do you plan on adding additional loopers?
-And so forth...

Try out as many combinations as you can, and you'll eventually find
something you like.