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Re Regarding EDP new shorter loop

> > 2) At the precise point in the original loop that you want to extract a
>  > new smaller section from, press "Multiply."
>  > 
>  > 3) At the precise point that you want the new, smaller section to end,
>  > press "Record."  (Do NOT end this function with "Multiply" a second 
>  > 
>  > You should now have a new, shorter loop.
>  > 
>  > If you want to go back to the original loop, you could use UNDO,
>  > although it's possible that you could use up too much memory in
>  > subsequent operations to be able to return completely to the original 
As far as I know, once youv'e actually changed the length of a loop you 
the ability to go back.
In order to copy out a smaller loop section, play ,  and thenreturn to the 
main loop :-
1) Quantise=OFF Switchquant=CnF SamplerMode=OFF (or OnE) MoreLoops=2
2) Hit NextLoop
3) Wait for the start of the section you want to repeat and hit Multiply.
4) Wait for the end of the section you want to repeat and hit Record.
5) Ad Lib
6) Hit Nextloop (getting ready to go back)
7) When you hit Undo you'll go back to the first loop, you'll hear a last 
repeat of the small section running smoothly into the main loop.( because 
loop starts where you left it)

Variation ::: with SampleMode = Att you return to the start point of the 
original loop, useful if you've completly mangled the short loop.

So what happens if you use Reverse instead of Record in step 4?? 

How about a Quantised version of all this? you'd need a short cycle length 
Multiplied up to make the long initial loop. 

andy butler