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Am I the first to "lock up" his Repeater?

I must admit that I've been testing the limits of
the time stretch feature. This morning I somehow
managed to turn the Repeater to stone, or at least
a stone with bright lights! It refused to respond to
attempts to select or de-select tracks, pan, pitch,
loop select...as a matter of fact, any front panel
control at all with the exception of "sleep mode".

So I put "Petey" down for a nap. When he awoke, he
was in a much better mood. I don't recall the exact
sequence of events that led to this, but I seem to
recall that I had one track recorded, but not playing
& was in the process of altering the tempo & setting
the pitch control of an unrecorded track.

This is an observation, not a complaint. I've been
having a lot of fun with this box!


John Tidwell

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