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Re: Repeater: Recording to the CFC

Yeah, the manual doesn't explain it too well.

I'm not in front of my Repeater at the moment, so this
is off the top of my head.

1) insert CFC. You should see a momentary green light.

2) turn the Loop select knob until you see the small
   hash mark on the display disappear.

3) press play & you can listen to the loops that
   Electrix loaded on the card. The select knob moves
   from loop to loop.

4) If you want to clear the CFC completely, reformat
   the card as per the manual

5) begin recording, overdubbing, etc, just as you
   would with internal memory.

Just remember that the hash mark indicates internal
memory & no hash mark indicates the CFC.


--- Mark <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> Hey,
> The repeater manual has become my favorite bedtime
> story, but I can't seem to find
> anything about recording directly to the CFC.  I'm I
> just missing something?  I
> found the part about moving loops onto the CFC, but
> nothing about recording a fresh
> loop to it.  Is it impossible?  I imagine not, as
> why else would they recommend a
> high performance card.
> Mark

John Tidwell

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