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Re: Repeater: Recording to the CFC

OIC.  Thanks.  I guess I was looking for an extra step that isn't there.  
also a little confused about selecting it via midi.  I purchased one of the
recommended midi controller (the Rolls MIDI Wizard) and there doesn't seem 
be a midi "bank" send anywhere on it, although for the price it seems to 
have a
lot of programmability features and it seems very sturdy.

Thanks again,

Mark Sottilaro

John Tidwell wrote:

> Yeah, the manual doesn't explain it too well.
> I'm not in front of my Repeater at the moment, so this
> is off the top of my head.
> 1) insert CFC. You should see a momentary green light.
> 2) turn the Loop select knob until you see the small
>    hash mark on the display disappear.
> 3) press play & you can listen to the loops that
>    Electrix loaded on the card. The select knob moves
>    from loop to loop.
> 4) If you want to clear the CFC completely, reformat
>    the card as per the manual
> 5) begin recording, overdubbing, etc, just as you
>    would with internal memory.
> Just remember that the hash mark indicates internal
> memory & no hash mark indicates the CFC.
> John
> --- Mark <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > The repeater manual has become my favorite bedtime
> > story, but I can't seem to find
> > anything about recording directly to the CFC.  I'm I
> > just missing something?  I
> > found the part about moving loops onto the CFC, but
> > nothing about recording a fresh
> > loop to it.  Is it impossible?  I imagine not, as
> > why else would they recommend a
> > high performance card.
> >
> > Mark
> >
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