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Re: Repeater: Recording to the CFC

--- Mark <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> OIC.  Thanks.  I guess I was looking for an extra
> step that isn't there.

Yeah, not as complicated as the Againinator, where you
have to put a foot on its neck, lift tail, insert
& wait for its eyes to glow red!

> I'm also a little confused about selecting it via
> midi. I purchased one of the
> recommended midi controller (the Rolls MIDI Wizard)
> and there doesn't seem to
> be a midi "bank" send anywhere on it, although for
> the price it seems to have a
> lot of programmability features and it seems very
> sturdy.

I think Electrix may come to regret listing some of
those midi controllers on their web-site. I already
own an ART X-15 & it provides limited control at best.
I have a Peavey PC-1600x on order. I'm hoping it will
solve a lot of my midi control problems.


John Tidwell

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