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da bomb. Vinyl RIP.

Hey loopers,

a while ago, I asked about the Yamaha DJXII as a unit that would allow some
"scratching" of user defined samples.  It does not.  Being fairly cheap, I
thought it might be fun to have, as it does offer some pretty cool 
effects.  While running errands yesterday, I checked it out but made the
mistake of asking the salesman "I don't need the beatbox functions.  Is 
anything out there that does the scratching effects, and possibly lets you
bring in your own tracks to sample?"

He showed me this:


Shit this thing is HOT.  AMAZING, IMO.  I know there are a lot of vinyl 
out there, but for me, this puts the final nail in the coffin for vinyl.  
I'm not a DJ, and I don't even play one on TV, but this thing felt sooo 
Very sensitive.  Let you set "inertia" of the spin up to speed time, or 
none at all.  The web page tells it all, but it just seemed to work they 
way I
wanted it to with no fussing.  It did take a while to fill it's buffer 
from the
CD, but a small price to pay for what it allows you to do with the data 
the buffer is full.  YUM.

Anyway, I did not buy the cheese-wheat-bacon&bean Yamaha box.  Couldn't do 
I'm saving up my pennies for this baby.  It is, as the young people say, 

Mark Sottilaro