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Re: Repeater: Wish list.

Oh yeah, don't let me forget the very important feature of being able to
have access to feedback level (fade amount) AT ALL TIMES, not just in
record.  I didn't think this would bug me, but after a weekend of playing
with this, I realized how much I did this with my JamMan.

Mark wrote:

> Ha, I know this thing just shipped, but I already have a wish list.
> Just a few tidbits that I think would help overall functionality.
> 1) I'd really like to be able to cue a new loop to wait for the current
> loop to finish and then go into record.  That would be sweet.
> 2) A shortcut to loop-erase that doesn't envolve having to select all
> used tracks.
> 3) Wet/Dry mix! (or dry kill)
> and that's what I want for Christmas
> Mark Sottilaro