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Re: Repeater: Recording to the CFC

Hi Mark

Repeater can record directly to internal memory and CFC - both in 
the same way.

Internal loops are numbered '1 - '16, accessed via the Loop encoder 
on the left hand side of the display. After stepping out of internal, 
the leading ' will disappear (if a CFC is inserted), and you are in the 
CFC memory space. Everything here behaves exactly as with 
internal memory except all the storage is performed via the CFC 
card - the CFC slot activity LEDs will show you something is going 

Hoping you have a lot of fun.

        Don Goodeve


The repeater manual has become my favorite bedtime story, but I can't seem 
to find
anything about recording directly to the CFC.  I'm I just missing 
something?  I
found the part about moving loops onto the CFC, but nothing about 
recording a fresh
loop to it.  Is it impossible?  I imagine not, as why else would they 
recommend a
high performance card.


|Don Goodeve                                         |
|Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada                           |
| don.goodeve@home.com                               |
'As if you could kill time without injuring eternity'
  (still my favourite H.D.Thoreau quote - after all
   these years...)