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Re: A Repeater suggestion

>> Sorry Andre... It's a simple question, that we've spent more time 
>engaged with you, than the designers.  <<

> Then I'm sorry to have chimed in with an opinion.  Since this is a 
>public forum and discussion, it seems to me that anyone (including the 
>designers) could choose to chime in on the ideas I've brought forth if 
>they were so inclined.  Again, it seems I've taken up an undue and 
>unwelcome amount of your time, and for that I apologize.

Sheesh... the designers seem to be saying they just missed that feature. 
Your opinion on this seems somewhat exclusive. You seem to say that they 
designed the box for someone other than us folks with the criticisms. I 
don't believe that's true. 

>> This just seems to be a different kettle of fish and I'm not quite sure 
>why you're trying to dissuade us from asking these questions. <<

> That's not what I'm trying to do.  What I AM trying to do is get a sense 
>of where the design philosophy was coming from in the first place, and 
>offer that philosophy forth as a response to criticisms which (in my 
>increasingly dubious perspective) might not entirely reflect an 
>appreciation of what Electrix was after.  

You seem to want to speak FOR them... that's what's intrigueing to me. 
You're not asking Electrix anything. You're making statements about what 
they might or might not have intended. (Or possibly taking their general 
statements about the product a bit too literally.)

> And, as I've said before, I find it troubling when people start asking 
>for modifications on gear they may not totally understand or be 
>conversant with.  Especially when they don't actually have the gear in 

I'm sure I just don't get what those geniuses are tryin' to do with that 
fancy box! Jeeze Andre... I've gotten my answer from Damon. Had we just 
shut up and not asked, he'd be less informed of our particular desires; 
and we'd not know if they're going to do anything about it. I'm very happy 
to actually know they have plans to add the feature. Damn... we'd all just 
believe we're getting ACID in a box based on your statements; and Electrix 
would lose a few customers based on the belief that they really DON'T want 
to add the features we're interested in.

> Sure thing, man.  Sorry to have wasted any time trying to give my 
>disinterested personal slant on where the product might be coming from. 

Sorry you're taking this so personally... I've always found your input on 
the many ideas discussed here interesting and insightful. In this 
instance, I felt you were just jumping between us and the people who could 
REALLY answer our questions.